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Magda Sayeg

Magda Sayeg

Magda Sayeg, the famous yarn artist joined the street art inspired movement #DubaiWalls. Watch her art work live at City Walk Dubai.

Considered to be the mother of yarn bombing, Magda's over 10 year body of work includes the widely recognized knitted/crocheted covered bus in Mexico City as well as her first solo exhibit in Rome at La Museo des Esposizione . Her work has evolved to include large scale installations around the world including commissions and collaborations with companies such as Commes Des Garcon, CR Fashionbook, Absolut Vodka, Insight 51, Mini Cooper, Gap, Smart Car and several other notable companies.

She continues to stretch the boundaries of weaving to include video collaborations using stop motion film, installations using lighting, and her current project using metal fabricated wheels and mercerized cotton to create 3 dimensional Spyrographs.

"My passion is with the material: I love displacing hand made, mostly knitted, material in environments where it seemingly doesn’t belong… only to discover that they can coexist quite harmoniously. I understand the limitations of this medium intimately, and I continue to challenge it. There is a transformation that occurs when I cover an inanimate object with soft hand made material. This interaction changes the object without taking away its identity or paralyzing its original function. It is this unplanned arrangement of the material that makes these objects come to life, become sculptural and even redefine or reinterpret a space. The exploration of environmental change drives me: provoking the world to be a more challenging, unconventional, and interesting place."

Recent projects include an installation for Dover Street Market in NYC covering a column spanning 6 floors and a knitted/crocheted Route Master Double Decker bus in London.

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