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Ron English

Ron English coined the term POPaganda to describe his signature mash-up of high and low cultural touchstones, from superhero mythology to totems of art history, to create a hilarious visual language that turns advertising into "subvertizing" and parody into illumination.

Ron English is a personality who has appeared as himself in movies such as "Supersize Me" and "Exit Through the Gift Shop," as well as a recent episode of the Simpsons, "Exit through the Quik-E-Mart," playing himself as a member of an all-star street art gang. Ron has also done significant commercial and collaborative work with such brands as Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Puma, Absolute, Burton, Hurley, Scion and many others. He has designed album covers for Slash, Chris Brown, the Dandy Warhols, and others.

Active since the eighties, Ron's career exists in three separate genres:

FINE ARTIST: Ron is a gallery artist with representation in New York City, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Rome, Singapore, Seoul, and Hong Kong. Primarily working with oil on canvas, the artist is as well-known for his stunning technique and inventive use of colour as he is for the

unique cast of copyrighted characters he has created, including camo deer, temper tots and combrats, sexy cows and three-eyed rabbits, Marilyn Monroe with Mickey Mouse breasts, the corpulent fast food spokesman MC Supersized, and one of his most significant creations, Abraham Obama, a fusion of America's 16th and 44th Presidents.

STREET ARTIST: Ron is widely considered a catalytic figure in the advancement of street art away from traditional wild-style lettering and into clever statement and masterful trompe l'oeil based art. Creating illegal murals and billboards that blend dazzling visuals with biting political, consumerist and surrealist statements, English has hijacked public space worldwide for the sake of art. He began painting billboards in the early eighties and soon progressed to murals on such unlikely targets as the Berlin Wall in 1989, the Palestine Wall in 2007, and the US-Mexico border in 2010. His reputation for masterful and enduring murals has earned him invitations to create officially sanctioned pieces all over the world, most recently in London for the 2012 Olympics, in Stavanger, Norway for the Nuart Festival, and as the featured grandstand artist for Denmark's Roskilde 2013 Music Festival.

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